HiroBuilt has created a proven approach to fitness that gets results: members have gone from the ordinary to producing extraordinary, amazing results! This is where you become great and have more fun in your life! HiroBuilt delivers the wow in posture as well as strength, conditioning, and endurance training. Reaching your goals take hard work. We help you get where you want to go through killer workouts and nutrition consultation. HiroBuilt’s ultimate goal is to help you reach your life’s dreams through goal-centered, motivational-based, and fitness-oriented approaches.


    HiroBuilt is a fitness program for transformational living. HiroBuilt cultivates personal and community triumph through the human mind, body, and spirit. If the gym environment is intimidating, come join Team HiroBuilt, which emphasizes collaboration between team members and coaches. So where does the magic come from? Research shows that shared goals, group bonding, and finding workout buddies could transform fitness from a chore to a lifelong, pleasant habit. For those that have no intention of joining our groups, HiroBuilt also offers customized, one-to-one personal training.

    Have you ever heard the saying, “all impossible if attempted alone?” Every person should have a team of people pulling for you. Think of what people have been able to accomplish as a team or a community. Applying the strength of a team helps to make up for your areas where you need help. All people, regardless of who they are, deserve the opportunity to live full and healthy lives in the community. At HiroBuilt, we provide avenues for exercise and fitness alongside with one another. HiroBuilt leverages the collective strengths of our customers to deal with the most pressing health issues in our community.

    The at-risk youth population in Hawaii is shockingly large. Thirty percent (30%) of teens live below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Eleven percent of teens ages 16-19 are not in school and not working. Forty-four percent (44%) of public high school students receive free or reduced-cost lunches. With a state drop-out rate of 15.5%, 26,676 students were unable to graduate over a four-year period in 2011. HiroBuilt partners with non-profit and high school athletics to help kids stay in school. We use state-of-the-art fitness and therapeutic approaches to move team work, effective communication, and problem solving beyond the playing field.


    2015 Makahiki Challenge

    The ancient Hawaiian celebration of Makahiki was tied to the stars. For the third year in a row, #teamhirobuilt gathered at the Makahiki Challenge to honor the most revere of customary Hawaiian holidays and long anticipated appearance of fun, rest, and spiritual renewal. It is a tribute to Makahiki organizers that this year’s race offered opportunities for new growth and rejuvenation – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually for Kanaka Maoli and all of Hawaii’s people. It was an awesome time for fun and preparation for our upcoming racing season. Mahalo Makahiki, the team had a great time!

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    We are HiroBuilt!

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