Optimus Prime at Universal Studios Florida.Humans are creatures of habit. 

Life is complex.

Individual resistance to change resides in basic human characteristics.

Perceptions, personalities, and needs generate responses to resistance.

There are four primary reasons – security, economic factors, fear, and selective information processing – why individuals may resist changing problematic behaviors.

Security drives resistance. People may fear that their friendships and relationships are in jeopardy, especially if lifestyle modifications impact issues with belonging, acceptance, and worth.

While change may threaten their feelings of security, economic factors play an important role in the perception that changes will affect their financial status.

For example, changes to what goes in a person’s shopping cart and spending routines arouse economic fears.  Resistance comes with both the fear of change in one’s income as well as the unknown. This fear impacts attitudes, beliefs, and perception of change.

“If I lose weight, my husband will feel insecure and we will argue, again.”   I have heard this response once too many times.

Individuals shape their worldly view through perceptions.

Resistance to change is a part of an individual’s perception. The selective processing of information keeps a person’s perception intact.  People hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, and ignore critical information that challenges their worldly view.

People want to continue doing what they have been doing.  “Rewiring” the brain takes tremendous energy and effort.

We all must change something about ourselves, but the question is how do we begin?


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