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The Spartan Beast, 12 + miles Obstacle Course Race with 25 + obstacles promises the race from hell and the “toughest race on the planet.”  Finishers get a Spartan Race T-Shirt, medal, a free beer, and bragging rights as Spartan Beasts.  Spartan Race obstacle courses take place all across the globe, and this upcoming weekend positions three HiroBuilt members for the race of their lives where the rubber meets the road.

Erick Pascua, Christine Asinas, and Jay Dela Cruz will attempt to do the unthinkable at this week’s Sacramento Spartan Beast Race by putting their best athletic skills and mental focus to work.

Woody Hayes once said that, “Success – it’s what you do with what you’ve got.”  What amazes me about these three athletes is their dream, preparation, daily labor, and confidence to achieve success.  The facts of their lives would make an interesting athletic biography, but we have no time for that as the race is just days away.  What athletic biography?  These are just racing beginners turned obsessed competitors making their way to the complex world of obstacle stardom.

In this era of reinventing yourself, it didn’t seem possible that these three would take up the charge and lead themselves to one of the most grueling obstacle events.  They came to HiroBuilt because it was an alternative to the gym.  They came because of their friends.  What is remarkable about Erick, Jay, and Christine is that they are held together by old tires, sand bangs, rusty weights, and the incredible magic of team support, encouragement, and unity – this is the HiroBuilt Way.

We are cheering for your success. We know that you will pace yourselves.  It’s about doing your best and having fun.  Hear my roar, “chest up, abs in, shoulders back…no injuries”  On Saturday morning, as we run the sands of Kaimana Beach we will think about your amazing triumph.  But you know that isn’t the most mind-blowing thing about you.  We love the way you fight and never give up!

Go Team HiroBuilt!

  • rbfire588 - Team HiroBuilt representing the 808 state at one the most intense obstacle racing in the world. Erick, Jay, and Christine – not to mention my Aunty Marie – will partake in an event where the toughest are weeded out in the crowd. These four individuals have come along way from making the impossible, “Possible”. Running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and even swimming are some obstacles they will face. However, with the HiroBuilt training regimen they have endured, I know they will overcome Spartan’s grueling obstacles and finish the race with pride, honor, and glory. You got this Team HiroBuilt… Be safe, have fun, and get’r done! (I will be there cheering for you back home.)ReplyCancel

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