SAM_0098For every person who decided to abandon the life of sports and fitness because of life’s changes, but continues to have the courage to fight back the impulses from letting your health get totally out-of-control, who has read countless of books and magazine articles on diets, sports conditioning, and personal development to change your outlook, who feels unmotivated, who tirelessly works to repair the damage done due to “faulty thinking errors,” and who now gives inspirations and hope to others….

For every mother, father, and child who witnessed the devastating harm to their family as a result of diabetes, who successful continues to take care of themselves, despite the countless number of visits to doctors and the emergency room, who had dropped more tears than anyone could every imagine, who have been afraid to get a physical exam in fear of the unknown, but continues to press on and find ways to renew their lives…

For those of you that have lost a loved one due to cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes, who have rolled up their sleeves to the proverbial message of “not in my house again,” who need opportunities to learn new ways of thinking, exercising, and eating from people stating, “you got this…its possible!”

For every one of your and more, move forward – let’s get busy!  HiroBuilt honors the success of individuals that are restoring and renewing their lives with incredible conviction in the midst of unprecedented community alarm about obesity and the devastation left in its wake.

Stand up and be proud of your accomplishments.  You, who no one thought could drop weight.  You, who have changed your life and no longer are victims of circumstance or life events.  You, who works tirelessly at remaining strong through proper exercise, nutrition, and heathy thinking….

We salute you!


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