ocpA6SlzEbU9mZUSw8HsUbSqcheMe5e3rPO2UIxOCGkHave you been picked last for a team? Has this stopped you from participating in team sports and other activities?  At HiroBuilt, the saying holds true, “no one gets left behind, seriously, no one” …even when one’s fitness level is far more superior than the next person.

If you’ve ever worked out with our group, you will immediately come to realize that we’re all in it together, and the group support is incredible.

Obstacle racing is tough.  And you must be “tough as nails” to complete the varying  degree of difficulty and distance ranging from 3 miles to marathon races. Obstacle racing typically consists of running, jumping, climbing, crawling, pulling, flipping, throwing, carrying, and swimming in extreme, unpredictable conditions.  Course maps are not provided before the race.  Athletes involved in obstacle racing need more than endurance, strength, and stamina.  They need resilience and grit to endure the extreme test to one’s mind, body, and spirit.

In Hawaii, we use the word, ‘malama,’ to describe nurturing and taking care of one another.  At HiroBuilt, true champions achieve their fitness, weight loss, and health goals. However, what is evident at HiroBuilt is the esprit de corps among fellow athletes and team members.  I think about the selfless and fearless acts of our ‘SuperHiros’ in recent obstacle races and it amazes me.  Many sacrifice their own racing time to ‘malama’ each other.  Team work is not compulsory in any of these races. Its comes from a deep and enduring moral compass to help others for the greater good of both the team and adventure racing community.

Stay the course, HiroBuilt, Imua!

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