It is important that you turn up to session on time, especially since warm-up is crucial for injury prevention. We understand being late once in a while due to unforeseen circumstances, but consistent tardiness is unfair to the coaches especially when members consistently squeeze themselves into the workout and disrupt the flow of the training session. We’ll abide by the same rules. Please give us 24 hour notification for any cancellations. We’ll be flexible in urgent situations. You’ll be charged the full cost of the session for late cancellations. Mahalo!


We urge you to support your fellow HiroBuilt compadre (when training with family) and we hate to see people finish their workout and not give support to team members that are struggling to complete the training session. We know that members have good intentions when they start giving coaching cues, but there is a difference between encouragement and giving advice. One member giving coaching cues might offend the person that is doing the workout, or give misinformation on proper technique. If you see something that looks unsafe, grab a coach, that's what we are here for.


We support people's attempts at living a healthy lifestyle. We do not support the use of illicit drugs and chronic alcohol use. This is the training ground for people interested in losing weight, pursuing athletic endeavors, and making lifestyle changes. Alcohol and illicit drug use puts all members at risk.


We reserve the right to refuse services based on breaking these rules.