1185997_4668100639378_573700013_n543159_654523974558985_1636608383_nNever in a million years did I think I’d do another obstacle race…but after finishing my second race, my mind quickly changed.  Obstacle racing is infectious.  Some of the challenges are more than some people can bear.  What 1186195_10200408254188560_1377080510_nyou will never forget is the personal challenge, camaraderie, and unshakable team bonding, which occurs from these races.In August 2013, approximately 27 HiroBuilt members completed the Spartan Sprint race at Kualoa Valley on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  Did they say, “up and down that trail again?” There is definitely a right and wrong way to train for these races.  If you plan on just running during your pre-race competition, you’re definitely mistaken.  You’ll need strength, agility, conditioning, and mental focus to overcoming many of the challenging obstacles.  If you think you cannot do it, you won’t.

Preparation matters for these races.  I have a slight obsession with preparing our members for these races.  We take our training to the gym, sand, hills, mountains, and trails.  We use weighted vests, elevation masks, tires, ropes, body weight exercises, and other tools during our training.

In the weeks following the Spartan Sprint in August, what happened to our team was simply incredible – more than 19 HiroBuilt members pre-registered for the Super Spartan in 2014 (9 mile race), 5 signed up for the Spartan Beast (13 mile race) in Sacramento, California in October, 2013, and one of our competitors raced in the Spartan Beast World Championship games in Vermont, USA.

There are so many remarkable stories that have emerged from obstacle racing.  My story is about gratitude.  Tens of thousands of competitors complete racing courses throughout the world each year. My little bean of courage is undoubtedly nothing in comparison to other racers.  I’ve seen war veterans with prosthesis scaling walls.  Obese individuals moving through mud, performing barbed wire crawls.  Sixty something year old women carrying buckets with 70 pounds of granite.

Who knows what drives these people.  All I can say is, “I love the way they strive.”  Whenever I feel like my training is kind of blah I throw on an old pair of shoes, think about these super heroes, and get going.  This is what also motivates me to come up with unimaginable, research-driven training approaches for my clients.  I can’t wait for the next race-the next obstacle, mud pit, and the next climb.  We’ll be here for more races so keep up with me on Instagram (HiroBuilt).  Until the next race, I’m sure there will be more colorful training sessions-the HiroBuilt way.

Which race are you looking forward to doing?


  • rbfire588 - MASTER D… Thank you for all that you do! TEAM HIROBUILT would not have been possible without you! Warrior dash, Spartan Races,…..Tough Mudder?! Striving for the next upcoming event!ReplyCancel

  • Darin Kawazoe - Thanks RB!! Without your help, I would be “stuck in the mud!” I say TOUGH MUDDER, 2014!!ReplyCancel

  • D Miyashiro - Everyday, I think about the Spartan Race. I may not have been the fast participant, but I crossed the finish line. What an incredible feeling. AROO!!!

    The mental ability had to be strong. Because I never knew what was coming next. The physical ability to drive me to over come each and ever obstacle. And the support from my HiroBuilt team members to keep me focused throughout the race. These elements would not have been possible without the pre-race training.

    There were days, I just wanted to throw in the towel. I was pretty hard on myself for three months prior to the race. But there was always someone to pick me up, when I was down and out.

    Thank you to my HB family. I will always cherish those three long months of grueling training. And I am definately look forward to the next one, the Warrior Dash.ReplyCancel

  • Darin Kawazoe - Awesome job Dex!!! I hope all the training is helping you work toward accomplishing your goals!! Aaarrooooo!!ReplyCancel

  • Nevaeh - Imvsseripe brain power at work! Great answer!ReplyCancel

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