Christine’s triumph in the Vegas Super Spartan!

“It seems absurd that people would pay upwards of $60 to slosh in the mud, run up and down hills, swim through lakes, and tackle military style obstacles.  Why would anyone do that?  Is it for the free shirt and beer that you get when you finish?  Or is it the appeal of being a kid again, climbing things, and getting dirty?  Personally, it seemed like a fun way to kick-start a physically active and healthier lifestyle.

My first mud run may have kick-started my drive to become more active but it also, ultimately, kicked my butt!  And while mud runs may look fun, they can also be dangerous.  That’s where proper training and technique come in.

My first experience with a mud run was Warrior Dash 2012.  Prior to that I had never done any type of race.  While I am a former high school athlete (soccer/tennis), and mind you I was never any good, at that point it’d been almost ten years since I’d actually practiced or trained for anything that was physically demanding.  I had not intended on doing Warrior Dash but wound up in the race after being transferred a spot.  My only attempt to prepare was to go for a run and see how long I could last.  I had no endurance, no strength training, and no strategy.  Boy, did I pay for it!

Eventually, I found my way to group training with HiroBuilt.  It is here that I find myself transforming from a couch potato to a serious athlete.  In between the time I had finished my first mud run to initially training with HiroBuilt, I had several failed attempts at becoming more physically active (i.e. joined a gym, bought a pair of barbels, attempted home programs influenced by late night infomercials).  There was also the occasional hike and game of tennis but nothing substantial enough to show any progress of my fitness goals or to prepare me for the next mud run.  In my failures I realized that I lacked the motivation and the proper support.  It wasn’t until HiroBuilt that I gained the desire and determination for a better me.

With HiroBuilt, I train for 1-2 hours 3 days a week.  Group training is held outdoors on the grass, in the sand, and in the water; ideal conditions for training for a mud run.  If you’re going to do a mud run, you’re going to get dirty!  This outdoor setting definitely gets you comfortable with that fact.

Darin Kawazoe, a certified personal trainer by the National College of Exercise Professionals (NCEP) and the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) leads the sessions.  In order to overcome 10+ feet walls, cargo-nets, rope climbs, rock-wall climbs, monkey bars, bridges, and mud pits, Darin provides a variety of workouts.  In our group sessions we work with ropes, sand bags, sleds, kettle bells, agility ladders, as well as run short sprints and climb walls.  We also do dynamic warm ups involving jumping jacks, burpees, jump squats, push-ups, and more!  I find that training like we are going to race is very effective when you find yourself in front of a seemingly unconquerable obstacle.  How are you going to climb over this wall?  Do it like you practiced of course!

While mud runs may require a lot of cardiovascular strength, they also challenge your willpower to achieve success.  That is where Darin and the rest of the group members of HiroBuilt come in.  When preparing for my first mud run, I started off out of shape, inconsistently exercising, and no real motivation.  In training with Darin you will see that he takes the time to really learn about you and what you need to meet your personal fitness goals.  You will se that he genuinely cares about what you want out of the sessions and for your overall wellbeing.  Thinking about doing your first mud run?  Or want to improve and conquer obstacles that you couldn’t?  Darin will train you so that you can do it.  He and your fellow HiroBuilt members will inspire you by doing the mud run with you!  With the support of HiroBuilt and a can-do attitude, anything is possible!”

– Christine A.

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