Hawaiian Superwoman

My husband and I started training in January, 2013.  In these past months, we have never felt better health wise.

We have been members of several gyms and exercise classes.  However, in these few short months of training with Darin we have learned more the possibilities and capabilities of our bodies that we ever have.

The best part of these classes are all the friends we have made and the support we have been given.  We feel so supported through the process and have so much fun doing it.  We look forward to these classes and the camaraderie.  Recently, I had to run up four flights of stairs to get to a meeting on time and I was surprised that I was not gasping for air.  My husband can now do burpees and exercises that he had never imagined he could do.  I see him challenging himself more that he has ever done.  I am so proud of him and I thank Darin and his team for all of this.  They treat us with so much respect and give us so much support.

Everyone is the class are at different levels and we are challenged to reach our individual goals.  Exercises are individualized according to your level of fitness.  We are not expected to be anyone else but ourselves.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to have a team experience with the support of individual growth.

Thanks Darin and team for the experience….

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