Here’s what we have to offer you:


Achieve wellness in the comfort of your own home through FaceTime or Zoom. Live a happier and healthier life through online, tele-fitness sessions. Tell us how many minutes you have to spare, and we’ll design a program that makes you say, wow!

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation now. It’s a dollar a minute for Tele-Fit training.

Individual Fitness

Put your wellness first. Learn and practice movement and exercise in the safety of your own home. We’ll bring the equipment and disinfected wipes. We apply social distancing and masks at every session whether it’s in the garage, patio, or outdoors. The cost ranges from $50-75 depending on your location since we’re coming to you.

Nutrition Plans

Eat great with or without a mate. Let’s talk about Whole Foods, calories, fads, and macro nutrition for starters. We create customized nutrition plans to meet the demands of your new lifestyle. We’ll do this for free if you are a current member; yes, it’s free. If you are not a members, we can also create customized nutritional plans for you. It’s a $150 for a plan, which includes ongoing consultation until you reach your goal.

Family Fitness

ring your friends and family along and we promise to deliver a safe, fun, and kick ass session for all of you. We can do this online or in person. It’s 50 cents per child/minute. Adult pay one dollar per minute of service. We also have discounts for military personnel, first responders, and single head families in need of our services. Please be mindful of the Governor’s social distancing and safety orders for COVID-19. We’ll be using all of them. We’ll also coordinate outdoor classes and safe adventures for all of you. Get in touch with us now.

Stress Management

We collaborate with Hawaii’s finest therapists and healers. We’ll refer you to a professional that best meets your needs if it’s outside of our league. Checkout Calm and Collective HI